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School Days music group at Seabreeze

Seabreeze Music Days

Musical Performance Days

Here’s the perfect opportunity for your music group to perform in public — and give your students a day of fun at the park too! Groups get to perform on stage in the picnic grove, be critiqued non-competitively, and get a plaque recognizing their performance.

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School Group at Seabreeze

Math in the Park

4th Grade Math Program

Share the “Mathematics of Fun” with your students! These activities have been created specifically for NYS 4th grade students. All activities follow NYS math curriculum and are aligned to the standards. Seabreeze worked with local elementary educators to create these hands-on, practical and high-interest assignments. The activities can enhance your visit to the park by directly supporting and connecting classroom learning to real world math.

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School Group at Seabreeze

The Seabreeze Classroom

Elementary School Program

Your students are loaded with energy and imagination. The Seabreeze Classroom lets them tap into both. The specially designed study sheets can be done before or after visiting the park. These learning exercises involve math, music, map skills, science, writing skills, and more.

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School Group at Seabreeze

The Science of Fun

Middle School Physical Science

Science is fun and Seabreeze is a great place to demonstrate that. Students use custom labs created by local teachers for a hands-on experience. They can feel the “G” forces on the Jack Rabbit, consider the effects of friction on the Bumper Cars, experience the rotational motion on the Tilt-A-Whirl, and more.

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School Group at Seabreeze

The Physics of Fun

High School Physics Program

Imagine a physics class where you race down the 76-foot hill of the Jack Rabbit to figure out the ride’s maximum velocity. Calculate the centripetal force acting on you when riding an inner vs. outer horse on the Carousel. Determine the duration of your splash on the Log Flume to figure out the average force you experience during the ride’s grand splash finale. The Seabreeze Physics program uses custom labs designed by local physics teachers to give your students hands-on experience.

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