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Ride Requirements

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For the safety of our guests, safety restrictions are strictly enforced on all attractions. Please read and follow the signs posted at each attraction. These signs provide guidelines and restrictions for the safety of you and other guests.

Height Restrictions

Additional fun and safety information can be found at the bottom of this page. All restrictions are subject to change without notice.

Low Intensity Rides Height Requirement
Kiddie Boats Maximum 55″
Star Rockets Maximum 55″
T-Birds Maximum 55″
Flying Turtles Maximum 55″, No Infants**
Carousel Under 42″ Must Be Accompanied*
Scenic Train Under 42″ Must Be Accompanied*
Twirlin’ Tea Cups Under 36″ Must Be Accompanied*, No Infants**
Medium Intensity Rides Height Requirement
Barnstormer Minimum 36″ / Maximum 55″
Kiddie Swings Minimum 36″ / Maximum 55″
Bear Trax Minimum 36″,***, +
Balloon Race Minimum 38″ / 38″ – 42″ Must Be Accompanied*
Spring Minimum 38″ / 38″ – 42″ Must Be Accompanied*
Tilt-A-Whirl Minimum 38″ / 38″ – 46″ Must Be Accompanied*
Bobsleds Minimum 38″ / 38″ – 48″ Must Be Accompanied*
Sea Dragon Minimum 38″ / 38″ – 48″ Must Be Accompanied*
Log Flume Minimum 38″ / 38″ – 48″ Must Be Accompanied*
Windstarz Minimum 42″ / 42″ – 48″ Must Be Accompanied*
Bumper Cars Minimum 42″ / 42″ – 50″ Must Be Accompanied*, +
High Intensity Rides Height Requirement
Wave Swinger Minimum 44″, +
Time Machine Minimum 44″ / Maximum 78″, +
Jack Rabbit Minimum 48″, +
Screamin’ Eagle Minimum 48″, +
Whirlwind Minimum 48″, +
Music Express Minimum 48″, +
Revolution 360 Minimum 48″, +
Waterpark Attractions Height Requirement
Soak Zone Area & Raceway Slide None
Soak Zone Twister Slide Minimum 38″
Soak Zone Pipeline Slide Maximum 55″
Kiddie Slides Maximum 55″
Lazy River Under 38″ Must Be Accompanied*
Rip Tide Tubeslide Minimum 42″ / 42″ – 48″ Must Be Accompanied*, ++
The Wave Toilet Trained Required, No Diapers
Hydro Racer Minimum 42″
Vortex Minimum 48″, ++
Helix Minimum 48″, ++

* Must be accompanied by a Responsible Person. A Responsible Person meets the ride criteria to experience the ride and is able to ensure that the child remains properly seated and follows all the rules of the ride.

**  No infants: children must be able to walk on their own to ride this ride.

*** Guests over 58″ tall must ride with a child in their party.

+  Ride may not accommodate guests of larger size.

++ Limit 250 lbs. on a single tube, 400 lbs. on a double tube where allowed.

Fun & Safety Guidelines

Certain attractions have restrictions based upon height and /or size as well as physical or medical conditions. Signs are posted at the entrance to each attraction that provide guidelines about restrictions and safety. Please follow these rules to ensure a safe experience for you and others. Decide before your ride. Watch the ride in operation and read all warnings before you determine whether a particular ride is really for you.

For more details on ride restrictions, ride accessibility and general park policies, download a PDF copy of our Fun & Safety Guide booklet. You’ll find useful information for visiting the park and enjoying our attractions.

Height Restrictions Quick Reference Guide

Download this guide for use in the park. Please note: the height guides do not include all restrictions for an attraction. Please see the signs at the entrance to the attraction for more information.


Most attractions are wheelchair accessible. In order to go on an attraction you must be mentally alert, able to hold on as required without any assistance, and be able to enter and exit a vehicle without help from Seabreeze staff.

New York State Law provides

“…there are inherent risks in the participation in or on the amusement device, since it is recognized that participation in or on the device may be hazardous regardless of all feasible safety measures that can be undertaken by the device owner or operator; and that there is a duty for the patrons to become apprised of the warnings and the risks inherent in participation in or on the amusement device if the warnings are not obeyed. Prior to participating in or on such amusement device, patrons shall familiarize themselves with the posted safety warnings so that they may make an informed decision of whether to participate in or on the device notwithstanding the risks.” (NYS Labor Law Article 27 Sec.870e).

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