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Buy New Passports

Use this link if you are buying a new passport, or if changing the type of passport you purchased last year.

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Renew Passports

If you already have a passport, you can renew with all of your current information.

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Update Passport Info

Use this link to update any of the information on file with your current passports.

Get a whole summer's worth of fun for one great price!

3 Passport Options

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Seabreeze Passport



  • Unlimited rides & slides for those 48″ and taller, and those under 60 years of age.
  • You get 20 visits, free friends days, discounts and more.
  • See details below.
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Under 48" Passport



  • Unlimited rides & slides for those under 48″ tall.
  • You get 20 visits, free friends days, discounts and more.
  • See details below.
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Senior Passport



  • Unlimited rides & slides for those over 48″ tall and over 60 years of age.
  • You get 20 visits, free friends days, discounts and more.
  • See details below.

Here’s what’s included

  • 20 Visits Anytime: Good any day 2024 season.
  • Extra Visits Bonus: Visit September 7 & 8, even if your 20 visits are used up.
  • Passport Rewards: Use promo code PASSPORT to save on one-day tickets, starting June 26.
  • Free Friends Special: Bring a friend for free on September 7 & 8.
  • Free Parking: Always a great Seabreeze perk.
  • No Convenience Fees or other hidden charges.


  • Adult Chaperone Policy. Please note that the park’s Adult Chaperone Policy applies to passport holders. Click here for more details on the policy.
  • Passport Photo IDs Required for All Visits. Your photo must be taken during your first visit to the park, and you must show your Passport photo ID card at the gate for all subsequent visits. Renewals should show their current card at the gate
  • Number of Visits. Passports are good for up to 20 visits (plus Bonus Weekend) with rides & slides, good during the current season only.
  • Non-Transferable. Passports may only be used by the person indicated on the Passport ID card.
  • Height Requirement. If you are under 48″ tall, you must buy an Under 48″ Passport. If 48″ and taller, you must buy a Seabreeze Passport. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Lost Cards. A $10.00 service charge is required for a replacement card.
  • No Refunds. No refunds on passports or on any of the associated visits. Abuse of park policies may result in the loss of the card and its privileges.
  • Rain Checks. Rain checks are offered if a majority of rides are closed for more than one full hour due to weather. It must be raining to receive a rain check, and you are required to leave the park upon receipt of the rain check.
  • Very Busy Days. There are several weekend days in July and August when the park nears capacity. On rare occasions, the admission gates may need to close early. We encourage passport holders to check the park’s website for alerts in advance of their visit and plan their visit around these busy days.
  • Admissions Security Screening Process. Upon entering the park, all guests will go through a security screening process where all bags and coolers will be checked.

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