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Log Flume

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To Ride with RP*


To Ride Alone


Additional Restrictions


*Responsible Person

A Responsible Person meets the ride criteria to experience the ride and is able to ensure that the child remains properly seated and follows all the rules of the ride.

Race over white water rapids before dropping down one of the steepest log flume hills in the country before your grand splash finale.

Get super-soaked. It’s a ride you and the butterflies in your stomach won’t forget.

Ride Experience

A log flume water ride with strong forces in all directions, splashing water and a final steep drop.

Height & Size Requirement

Minimum 38” tall; those 38” - 48” must be accompanied by a Responsible Person who must sit in the same seat with them.

Physical Requirement

Rider must be able to sit up unsupported and hold on. Rider must have 2 full legs, leg prostheses accepted if secured. Not recommended for those with: recent surgery or illness; back, neck or bone ailments; heart conditions or high blood pressure; pregnancy; history of seizures; under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Wheelchair Access

Enter through Exit. Transfer to ride vehicle. CAUTION: this attraction is not recommended for guests using wheelchairs, due to the extreme difficulty and extended duration of time needed to evacuate the ride in the rare event of a ride stoppage.

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