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Bumper Cars

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To Ride with RP*


To Ride Alone


Additional Restrictions

Ride may not be able to accommodate guests of exceptional size.

*Responsible Person

A Responsible Person meets the ride criteria to experience the ride and is able to ensure that the child remains properly seated and follows all the rules of the ride.

A true amusement park classic. Get behind the wheel, go for a spin and get ready to bump your buddy.

No driver’s license required. One-way only – and please, no head-ons.

Ride Experience

Drivers bump into each other while traveling one-way in an oval pattern. Riders should expect strong forces and frequent bumps from all directions.

Height & Size Requirement

Minimum 42” tall to ride, 50” to drive. Those 42” - 50” tall must ride as a passenger, with a Responsible Person driving. Ride may not be able to accommodate guests of exceptional size.

Physical Requirement

Rider must be able to sit up unsupported, hold on, brace themselves and be restrained by a lap bar. Not recommended for those with: recent surgery or illness; back, neck or bone ailments; heart conditions or high blood pressure; pregnancy; history of seizures; under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Wheelchair Access

Enter through Exit. Transfer to ride vehicle.

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