the time machine has arrived!


The Wave

Height Requirement: Those under 48" tall must wear a life vest.

With 260,000 gallons of water, this state-of-the-art wave pool is a great crowd pleaser. The pool has a depth of 0 to 5 feet and waves of up to 4 feet tall. Families can play on the shoreline, or venture into the surf. Mom and Dad can play in the water, or relax on the shady shore and still keep an eye on everything. It doesn’t get any better than this – and no sand in your swimsuit.


Height Requirement: Minimum 48" tall.

Are you ready? Prepare to take the ultimate plunge thru four stories of pitch-black tunnel. Then you’ll fly into a gigantic bowl, where you ride the powerful path of the Helix. You’ll be rocking ’round and ’round – until you’re finally drawn into the black hole and shoot into the pool below. Extreme fun!

Soak Zone

Height Requirement: None.

From hundreds of gallons of water dumping on your head to dodging quick little squirts, how wet you get is up to you – in the Soak Zone. Get doused with the water cannons, mist-makers and the deluge-delivering water tower. Plus, there are mini-slides and play elements for the kiddies. It’s great interactive water fun for the whole family.

Hydro Racer

Height Requirement: Minimum 42" tall.

Get ready, get set…get WET on the new Hydro Racer. It’s a mat racing waterslide complex, featuring twisting tubes, an awesome drop and a finale that will leave you drenched. Hang on tight for the ultimate in high-speed, side-by-side racing.

The Inner Tube Slides

Riptide Tube Slide - Height Requirement: Minimum 42" tall; those under 48" must ride with a Responsible Person. Vortex - Height Requirement: Minimum 48" tall.

Grab a tube, and start walking up to the top of the wide-open Riptide Tube Slide or the totally enclosed Vortex. Glance down over the edge and see how high up you are as you prepare for take-off. Climb aboard your tube and you’re off. Your ride will be fast, wet and wild – with an awesome splashdown! See for yourself why our guests love our slides.

Kiddie Water Fun

Kiddie Slides - Height Requirement: Maximum 55" tall. Tad Pool - Height Requirement: None.

Little ones have water activities they can call their own. Looney Lagoon has kid-sized slides, a water umbrella and a shallow play area where Mom and Dad can stick their toes in the water, too. The Soak Zone also has mini-slides along with a variety of other play elements designed so the whole family can play in the spray together.

New Ride for 2017: The Time Machine

Climb Aboard!

Modern technology meets retro-futuristic design with this amazing new ride.

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Military Appreciation Days

June 22 - July 2

Free admission for service people and a special rate for their families and friends.

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Seabreeze is Great for Groups

Catering Groups as Small as 25

Seabreeze now offers catered picnics to groups as small as 25 people. We do all the work, you have all the fun! Select dates available.

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2017 Seabreeze Park Calendar

Opening Day is May 20

Check out this calendar for the latest details.

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Seabreeze Video Tour

Take a Trip Around the Park

Here’s a great way to see all the park has to offer – see the park rides & waterpark attractions, games, retail shops, food outlets and more.

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