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Thrill Rides

Time Machine

Time Machine

Height Requirement: Minimum 44" tall.

Climb aboard and experience the powerful pendulum motion, as the hands of time take you full circle and lift you three stories into the air. Soar with clock-like precision as you go up, down, round ‘n round at truly awesome speeds.

jack rabbits

Jack Rabbit

Height Requirement: Minimum 48" tall.

Built in 1920, the Jack Rabbit is the oldest continuously operating roller coaster in America. Designed by Miller & Baker, the giant wood coaster features a modified out and back layout. The 2,150 feet of track includes a spectacular 75-foot drop, awesome dips, a wild last curve and a fantastic finale through a dark tunnel. This legendary ride turned 100 years old in 2020 – video link. And on May 21, 2021, the Jack Rabbit received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition at the park’s opening press conference!



Height Requirement: Minimum 48" tall.

Forwards, backwards, sideways, down  you don’t know which way you’re going. Experience the ultimate in non-stop thrills with a wild spin on this cutting edge steel coaster that takes you racing along a winding track and breath-taking heights. Let the spinsanity begin!

log flumes

Log Flume

Height Requirement: Minimum 38" tall; those under 48" must be accompanied by a Responsible Person

Race over white water rapids before dropping down one of the steepest log flume hills in the country before your grand splash finale. Get super-soaked. It’s a ride you and the butterflies in your stomach won’t forget.

bob sleds


Height Requirement: Minimum 38" tall.

Created by the Long family in 1962, this custom-made Seabreeze original is a unique combination of wood structure and tubular steel track. The track runs 1,240 feet long, reaches a height of 31 feet, offers a unique collection of dips and hills. With its runaway thrills and quirky curves, the Bobsleds is a favorite among coaster fans.

music xpress

Music Express

Height Requirement: Minimum 48" tall

Get ready to ride the Seabreeze version of “rapid transit” – round ‘n round, up ‘n down, and of course backwards and forwards! High energy tunes that change from ride to ride and spectacular lighting will make the experience complete. All aboard the Music Express!

wave swinger

Wave Swinger

Height Requirement: Minimum 44" tall

Fly through the air like never before! Feel the wacky, wavy motion as the ride spins. You can ride in a single chair, or share the thrills with a friend in a double chair.

rev 360

Revolution 360

Height Requirement: Minimum 48" tall

Climb aboard a giant disk. Hang on tight, as the disk rotates 360 degrees. Feel like you’re floating on air as the platform glides back and forth, rockin’ n rollin’ on a gigantic half-pipe track. Get ready for full-circle fun, five stories high and with an awesome view! And stick around for a spin at night – the lights and the sights are something to see.

sea dragon

Sea Dragon

Height Requirement: Minimum 38" tall. Those under 48" must be accompanied by a Responsible Person.

Climb aboard the Viking ship and set sail for the skies, but hold onto your hats. This action packed swinger will have your stomach doing flip-flops as you’re lifted up out of your seat!


Screamin' Eagle

Height Requirement: Minimum 48" tall

Your ride begins when the bar lowers over your head and locks in place. As the floor falls away you begin to sway back and forth. The speed increases and suddenly you fly like an eagle as you soar 70 feet in the air. Go forward, backwards and ultimately be suspended upside down in mid-air. This is a ride you won’t want to miss.

bumper cars

Bumper Cars

Minimum 42" tall to ride, 50" to drive. Those 42" - 50" tall must ride as a passenger.

A true amusement park classic. Get behind the wheel, go for a spin and get ready to bump your buddy. No driver’s license required. One-way only – and please, no head-ons.

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