What's New

The Wave Swinger - Let's Swing!

A new twist on a classic thrill ride, The Wave Swinger lets you fly through the air like never before! Sit alone in a single chair, or share the fun with a friend in a double chair. As the ride climbs to its peak height and begins to oscillate, you'll feel the pull of some whacky wavy motion! And you'll want to ride it over and over again.


Wave Swinger

Manufacturer: Bertazzon, of Treviso, Italy
Ride Height:
36 ft.
Number of Seats: 64, with singles and doubles
Capacity: 960 per hour
Restriction: Minimum 44" tall
Location: Site of former YoYo
Opening Date: May 2014

The Balloon Race - Let's Soar!

It's up, up and away - and almost touching the clouds! This new family attraction allows you to spin your basket as you float through the air. Parents and children will enjoy sharing some quality "flight time" together!


Great Balloon Race

Manufacturer: Zamperla, of Vicentina, Italy
Ride Model: Samba Tower
Ride Height: 42 ft.
Number of Riders: 32
Capacity: 800 per hour
Restriction: Minimum 38" tall. Under 42" must ride with a Responsible Person
Location: adjacent to T-Birds
Opening Date: May 2014

Kiddie City

A New and Improved Rides Area for our Little Guests!



Parents and children will enjoy a whole new look in the kiddie rides area of the park. Several of the rides will be relocated to new places, making for a more comfortable environment. All of the rides will be enhanced, and some new themes will appear. Plus, you'll enjoy new park benches, lighting, and landscaping. Get ready for the new Kiddie City!