Food Service

Having a day of fun will certainly build up an appetite! At Seabreeze, there are a wide variety of delicious food choices and locations to satisfy your hunger. Mastercard, Visa & Discover accepted at most locations.

Seabreeze Grill

Located on the midway. Counter, take-out service. Picnic table seating available.

Menu: Hot Dogs – Hamburgers - Italian Sausage - Grilled Chicken - Pulled Pork - French Fries - Onion Rings – Chili - Fresh Salads - Beverages

California Grill

Located in the waterpark, beyond the lockers. Counter, take-out service. Picnic table seating available.

Menu: Veggie Burger - Hot Dogs – Hamburgers - Italian sausage - Grilled Chicken – Fruit Salad – Nachos & Cheese – Large Pretzels – Chips – Slush Puppies – Beverages

Waffle Stand

Located by the Music Express, just beyond the Derby Ring Toss building. Counter, take-out service.

Menu: Famous Seabreeze Waffles – Fried Dough – Funnel Cake Fries – Beverages

Summertime Treats

Located on the midway, across from the kiddie rides. Counter, take-out service.

Menu: Slush Puppies – Nachos & Cheese – Hard Ice Cream – Popcorn – Cotton Candy – Beverages

French Fries

Located by the Yo Yo, across from the Log Flume. Picnic table seating available.

Menu: Fresh Cut French Fries – Buffalo Chips – Boneless Buffalo Wings – Chicken Fingers – Popcorn Chicken – Lemonade – Beverages


Located at the South end of the midway, across from the Gift Shop.

Menu: Submarine Sandwiches – Potato Chips – Snacks – Ice Cream Treats – Fresh Salads – Mix Your Own Slush Puppies – Popcorn - Beverages

Pizza & More

Located between the Carousel and Arcade. Picnic table seating available.

Menu: Pizza (slices or whole) - Cheese Sticks – Chips – Cookies – Fresh Salads – Smoothies – Frozen Drinks – Beverages

Soft Ice Cream

Located across from the main gate, behind the Center Stage.

Soft Ice Cream – Assorted Toppings – Sundaes – Shakes – Floats – Smoothies – Beverages

Dippin' Dots

Two Locations – one across from the Music Express, the other at the entrance to the Waterpark.

Menu: Assorted Dippin' Dots Flavors – Floats - Beverages